Great Bourbons Create
Great Custom Bourbon

Come visit us at Barrels & Billets and discover custom bourbon for yourself! Similar to traditional methods in the 1800s, you will essentially be barrel blending from six world-class bourbons. Each bourbon you will use is WoodCraft finished using artisan wood. We focus on wood because 70% of the flavor of bourbon comes from the wood. Learn more about our custom bourbon experience.

In the 1800s, Barrel Blenders enabled everyone to create custom bourbon. 

Fun & Easy Custom Bourbon System

After 50+ years of experience crafting thousands of bourbons, we have created a step-by-step process that will enable YOU to find YOUR custom bourbon. Our patented blending ladles, simple tasting systems and easy to understand blending options make it fun, fast and easy. Book an experience today and discover custom bourbon for yourself!

A person blending their own bourbon.

Materials pictured above that are included with the home experience and the distillery experience.  

Craft Your Custom Bourbon

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Bourbon Kit sitting on a kitchen table


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