Father’s Day Digital Gifts

We enable everyone to create their personal bourbon recipes. Below are our digital gift offerings that Dad will be sure to love. Each digital gift comes with an optional printed certificate and it will also be emailed to Dad on a date of your choice. Cheers! 

Digital Gifting Kits, Bottles & Reservations

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Digitally Gift Dad His Bourbon

1. Custom Bourbon Bottle Package: Digitally gift Dad his personal bourbon. An email will be sent to Dad for him to answer 13 questions to create his bourbon recipe and order his bottle.

Digitally Gift Dad Distillery Reservations

2. Custom Bourbon Event Package: Digitally gift distillery experience tickets to Dad.

Digitally Gift Dad a Home Kit & a Bottle

3. Ultimate Custom Bourbon Package: Digitally gift a custom bourbon kit and a credit for Dad to buy his bourbon after he completes the home experience.

Experience Details

Custom Bourbon Experience

Each kit includes everything needed for up to four people to create their personal bourbon! 

Custom Bourbon 750ml
Custom Bourbon 750ml

Custom Bourbon Experience

Answer 13 questions to create custom bourbon. This is great for gifts and exploring creativity!

Bourbon Blending Example
Bourbon Blending Example

Custom Bourbon Experience

Book a reservation to create bourbon in-person at the Brain Brew Distillery.