The Three B Sour Cocktail

Sep 22, 2020


1.5 oz Paddle Wheel Bourbon

1.5 oz Berry Sour Mix

.25 oz Fresh Lemon Juice

2 oz Soda Water or you favorite Citrus Seltzer

5 Basil Leaves


-In a Mixing Glass, Combine Paddle Wheel, Fresh Lemon Juice and Basil Leaves

-Muddle Gently to release Oils from Basil

-add Berry Sour and Ice, Stir with Bar Spoon for 20 seconds

-Strain into a Fresh Glass filled with Ice

-Top with Soda Water or Citrus Seltzer

-Garnish with Basil and Berry

Berry Sour Mix Recipe 

1/2 Cup Water

1/2  Cup Sugar

1/2 Cup Fresh Lemon Juice

18 oz Fresh Berries

Zest of 1/4 Orange (optional)

-Add all ingredients to a sauce pan and simmer over low heat for 30 minutes

-Strain through a fine mesh sieve